Remeber to use effective epsilon in microstrip calculation instead of epsilon itself. that means you need W and H of the transmission line


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NFC domino?


13 Oct 2009

Near field communication is a short range (<20cm) wireless communication system designed for mobile phones or other mobile devices supporting up to 424kbps of data rate.

It uses the same proximity technology of RFID working in 13.5MHz. Although standardization of NFC is still in progress, many applications are proposed to use it, mostly focused on e-payment, and e-wallet. Wide range of applications are being tested in the pilot projects all around the world, such as medical services, e-ticket in public transport system, e-payments, patient information card, e-wallet and public collectable information (such as posters or bus stop information). Despite the variety of applications the security and authentication problems are not easy to solve, so many researches are being done to find new solutions. In this paper we discuss NFC technology, applications and some issue regarding the implementation of the NFC enabled systems.


A video done by Nokia to show different applications of NFC.


Touch is a research project that investigates Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and physical things. We are developing applications and services that enable people to interact with everyday objects and situations through their mobile devices. More…


This video is about exploring the spatial qualities of RFID, visualised through an RFID probe, long exposure photography and animation. It features Timo Arnall of the Touch project and Jack Schulze of BERG.I

Immaterials: the ghost in the field

Immaterials: the ghost in the field from timo on Vimeo.


Demo | Tag Lynx


Friday, October 2nd, 2009

This is a demonstration using the tags ‘interesting, weird, and fun’ with a request for 15 ‘lynx’.

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After few searches on "how to post blog using a client program in linux/ubuntu" this page helped a a lot.
Scribefire is in fact a firefox add-on which is a rich-featured client for your blog, previous entries are available to edit.
it supports categories and new category and tag as well.

sharing the post to famous social networks and much more.
It deserved to be tested.


“CSMA/CA attempts to avoid collisions by using explicit packet acknowledgment (ACK), which means an ACK packet is sent by the receiving station to confirm that the data packet arrived intact.”

– Wireless communication and and network by Vijay Garg


Hello world!

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12 Oct 2009

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About this blog

In addition to a daily blog I will try to add our works in wireless network and data communication projects for our courses here


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